Rebels & Outlaws White Light, White Heat


Cleanse, Empower, Protect.

White is the color of protection and purification. Linked with the moon, white candles contain all colors and are used for positive purposes. Relax with the soft scent of fresh lace. 

White Light, White Heat is a color-free candle designed to cleanse, empower, and protect on set or every day. Use this candle completed with clear quartz smoky quartz and howlite for unguided meditation or making magic. 

Prepared with clear quartz to strengthen and amplify any energy directed for healing purposes. Howlite is a calming stone. It clears the mind, allows dreaming, opens up intuition, and empowers us to reach our goals. Smoky quartz is used to protect against all forms of bad luck and to enhance energy flow through the hands. It increases creativity and intuition and transforms and opens us up to joy. Perfect for the makeup artist and their makeup station.

All-natural soy wax.
8oz burn time: Approximately 40 hours

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