Rebels & Outlaws Love, Love & Love


I like lots of things. But there are three things I like most. Love, love, and love.
-Anita Eckberg 

Rebels and Outlaws Love, Love & Love Candle uses ancient recipes and old magic to celebrate, honor, and invite love in all its forms. Eros love. This is need-based love. Physical attraction kind of love. To be passionate about, even intoxicated with, someone. Phileo love. This is the devoted, companionship type of love.  Phileo love is a true community, friendship, and open and honest communication. It is part of Philautia or Self Love and crucial to caring for and loving yourself. Lastly, Agape love. This kind of love is giving, it is Divine and lasts beyond time. It energizes and fulfills and allows you to live a full life. The bright red candle is perfect for passion, energy, love, lust, relationships, sex, vitality, and courage. It is a powerful candle color for a powerful emotion. 

This vanilla-based candle uses this vitalizing oil for its power is said to be sexually arousing. Vanilla is used as an energy restorer, sometimes to gain extra power. Vanilla is used to attract love, increase sexual desire, and to improve the powers of the mind. Patchouli is a powerful oil for attraction and romance. It also wards off negativity and evil, gives peace of mind and self-confidence, and is very sensual. Cinnamon is notorious for “heating up” cold romances and igniting passion. Chocolate is a powerful drug and it holds properties of love. Dark chocolate is associated with romance and intimacy. Milk chocolate is associated with nurturing and friendship. Both are included in this candle for those trying to induce love or aspects of love. Sandalwood will open your heart and mind and allow you to see and feel more clearly and connect to all that is Divine. Sandalwood is healing, grounding, and is said to awaken your sensuality and open you up for unconditional love. This might be a good oil to use when you and a loved one got into a disagreement, to help you move past the fight and back into love.

Rose Quartz invites love into your life.  It opens your heart to receive love and gently reminds you that you are worthy of love. Amazonite helps you to see both sides of a problem or different points of view.  It soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry, and fear. Rhodocrosite helps you to appreciate yourself as it teaches that you are worthy of love, health, and happiness. Rhodonite is the Stone of Forgiveness and it will help you to let go of any pain from a past relationship with an attitude of love and forgiveness as it gently cleanses your aura of hurt, anger, regret, and bitterness and allows you embrace love and beauty in your life. 

This candle is finished with herbs and seeds. Cardamom brings forward Lust, love, and fidelity. Catnip keeps the romance alive. Jasmine is the flower you smell before you make a move on someone you fancy. This amazing flower heightens passion and boosts sensuality. Damiana is called the Love Herb  Historically, it was used mostly to increase sexual desire as an aphrodisiac. It is used to boost and maintain mental and physical stamina, and as an aphrodisiac.

This beguiling concoction was thought to originate from the 'Ladies at Court' of the Middle Ages who discovered its alluring alchemy.  This candle contains aphrodisiac for men and women, is calming and balancing, and can help unblock emotional issues associated with low libido, infertility, and frigidity, as well as enhance romance, friendship, and love in all its forms. 

All-natural soy wax.
8oz burn time: Approximately 40 hours

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