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Focus Your Creativity

The orange candle is used for encouragement, adaptability, stimulation of the creativity, communication, and vitality. It promotes attraction and kindness, encourages your muse, and promises fortune prosperity, plenty, and success in business and career as well as ambition, success in selling, and taking action. Perfect for freelance makeup artists or anyone who needs to tap into creativity or communication with Spirit guides. 

Art driven and muse oriented, this candle is ideal for focusing on creativity, invoking inspiration, or asking for spiritual guidance.

Neroli is light in the darkness. Used here for the way Neroli touches the realms of the angels, as it is told that anyone who uses it is brushed with the light of angels’ wings. Neroli is one of the most precious essential oils, as it resonates with energy form another light-time in the universe, 

Neroli is used in magic for self-purification, inward exploration, and courage. Blood Orange is used in divination and communication and encourages success and prosperity while promoting your own talent. Cinnamon also brings success, money, and prosperity, as well as love and passion. It can increase concentration and helps with focus and opens us to divination and guidance in your creativity.  

Lapis is used to attract the spirits with kindness and love. It will strengthen psychic awareness and intuition and provide protection. Angelite is a stone awareness. It is believed to connect the wearer with the spirited guides and guardian angels. It augments astral travel, psychic awareness, telepathy, and astrology. It creates a shield of psychic protection around the wearer and balances the physical energies. Angelite can be used to support communication and expression of self or in relationships, and in the workplace for clear focus. Said to contain both the power of the earth and the sun and offers bravery when taking risks or trying something new. Tiger Eye is included for balance and strength of will as well as to reduce anxiety in the creative process.

All-natural soy wax.
8oz burn time: Approximately 40 hours

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