As the world is clearly aware, the invisible enemy we call COVID-19 has caused us all to remain quarantined for an indefinite amount of time. While the quarantine may be lifted soon, we don't know if and when we'll have to experience it again.

Riot Beauty, along with millions of other businesses around the world, has been designed to service its clients by method of travel. We do not have a retail storefront, and up until now, we have not had a web store either. We were focused on one sales channel until today, conventions and events.

For the obvious reasons, we now have a website that we are very proud to make available to the world. Our web presence and social media channels are just launching, so we apologize for the minimal posts and content. Riot Beauty will continue to devote thought and time every day to continue showcasing artistry, education, and connecting with our beauty community around the world through valuable and shareable content across all our platforms. 

The Riot Beauty family hopes you are staying happy, healthy, safe, and creative during these difficult times. We look forward to seeing you all at our many conventions and events when it's safe to get out and travel again.

In the meantime, we will be extending our service and trade show pricing through our website. Sign up for our newsletter to receive notices of upcoming sales and education. We will be running these at random for the time being, especially on the dates of our cancelled events.  

Cheers to brighter days ahead! 

Brian Esper
CEO, Founder