Virtual Show FAQ

Discount FAQ

Q: Why does the ONELOVE promo code not work while I'm logged into my PRO account?

A: We are not able to process more than 1 "offer/discount" to the same item. If you are receiving a discount on an item through your PRO pricing, that item is no longer eligible to receive another discount.  

You are able to enter the ONELOVE promo code to "Exclusive Virtual Show Specials" when logged in as a PRO. Those items are seasonal specials and not a part of the PRO program. They are eligible for promo code usage even when logged in as PRO.


Q: I see certain items that are labeled as "Show Specials" with a discount already given without the promo code being used. The price in "red" isn't the Show Special price you're advertising. Why is that?

A: The promo code can only have one value in the form of a discount savings. In order to extend a greater discount to the Show Specials, we had to "pre-discount" the Show Specials so the ONELOVE promo code of 30% OFF can bring the pricing down further to the advertised Show Special. Basically, the pre-discounted price PLUS the promo code ONELOVE will bring the price down to the advertised price shown.


Shipping FAQ

Q: Why am I not able to ship to my country?

A: We are currently shipping the following countries: Australia, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Israel, United Arab Emirates, France, Italy, Brazil, Colombia. If you are outside of this list of countries, we are unable to ship to you at this time.


Q: Why am I not seeing the "Free Shipping" option? I met the free-shipping minimum advertised??

A: If you have any item(s) in your cart that are either dimensionally large such as a mirror, or flammable such as brush cleaner, free-shipping is no longer eligible. It is also exclusive to the continental US only at this time.