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In collaboration with Jordan Liberty, we introduce to you his “holy grail” eyeshadow palette, aptly titled DARKROOM. Jordan’s international career as a makeup artist and beauty photographer has set his work apart from the crowd, and DARKROOM is a celebration of the colors and textures that have captured his imagination across the globe on his world tour in 2018 and 2019. A homage to his early roots in the photographer’s darkroom, Jordan explores the importance of light manipulation to both makeup artistry and photography with 18 carefully crafted eyeshadows.

“9 lean cool and 9 lean warm shades with a mix of matte, soft metallic, intense metallic, and sheer shift shades (which I hope you’ll love as much as I do). At first glance the palette looks incredibly colorful - and while there are some fantastic brights inside, DARKROOM is firmly grounded in neutrals and I probably spent most of my time in development on some of my favorite transition shades ever…there are 4 shades that can be used as transitions on various skin tones or as highlights or shadows on others.”

- Jordan Liberty

  • Riviera: Metallic Teal with Subtle Gold Micro-Glitter
  • Santa Cruz: Metallic Olive
  • Moonwalk:  Metallic Rose-Toned Gunmetal
  • Solar: Matte Pale Peachy-Pink
  • Bondi: Metallic Peachy-Gold
  • Barocco: Sheer Metallic Antique Gold/Bronze Shift
  • Genesis: Metallic Deep Cobalt Shift with Teal and Violet Micro-Glitter
  • Supernova: Sheer Metallic Baby Pink/Lilac Shift with Teal and Violet Micro-Glitter
  • Double Tap: Matte Dusty Mauve
  • Poolside: Matte True Peach
  • DTLA: Matte Burnt Sienna
  • Drop Top: Metallic Rust Red
  • Fathom: Matte Deepest Teal
  • Asphalt: Matte True Black
  • Dark Horse: Matte Dark Chocolate
  • Legend: Metallic Muted Bronze
  • Elysium:  Matte Orangish-Brown
  • Infrared: Metallic Muted Red with Subtle Gold Micro-Glitter

Size/Weight: 28.8g | 1.0oz

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