The Creative Makeup The Set Towel


NEW!! The Set Towel is your new kit essential! Triple-coated with special anti-bacterial, anti-microbial coating, this will not only set your makeup station up for success, but it will keep it CLEAN too! Featuring our bold CREATIVE insignia, this towel will also keep you feeling empowered to create whatever comes next.

ULTRA ABSORBENT + FAST DRYING: This microfiber material is designed to absorb and quickly dry up to ten times faster than a typical towel, making it ready for repeat uses in a very short period of time. Great for an unexpected spill on set. 


  • The Set Towel comes in a mesh carrying bag. Super compact and does not take up much space in your kit.


  • It can easily wipe down your station or be used to clean brushes on and be washed and dried to avoid bacterial nuisance. Suitable for people with weakened immunity. 


  • Black


  • Microfiber 80% Polyester & 20% Nylon. Wash in cold water only, hang dry.

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