Melt Eyeshadow Stack Rust


The most beautiful combination of shadows you can lay your eyes on!
This stack is packed with FIVE, ultra-matte pigmented earth tones.

  • CLASSIC - Soft vanilla toned and ultra matte! Creamy and ultra-pigmented. This is the perfect color to add a touch of highlight under the brow bone, the lid or the inner eye.
  • ANTIQUE - Warm and peachy. A beautiful ultra matte apricot shadow. Its the perfect transition color to blend and add a touch of warmth
  • RUBBISH - A gorgeous ultra matte dijon-mustard color. Ultra pigmented and easy to blend.
  • RUST - A rusted rich brown shadow with a burnt red undertone.
  • ROTT - The deepest shade in the Rust Stack. She is an earthy dark brown. But also a deliciously rich dark chocolate shadow

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