Melanie Mills Hollywood Super Lite Long Lasting Setting Spray


Experience the ultimate waterproof setting spray that keeps your face and body makeup locked in all day or night, until you're ready to wash it off. This Melanie Mills Hollywood formula is as light as air, delivering an ultra-fine and weightless mist that instantly dries. Infused with botanicals and delightful lavender essence, this makeup setting spray provides a heavenly touch without any heaviness, stickiness, or wetness.

Achieve a beautiful matte finish with this setting spray, leaving your skin dry and free from any unwanted shine or shimmer. Its versatility goes beyond makeup, as it can also be used for SPFX, tattoo cover and transfers, and even to lock in hair-filling fibers on the scalp.

For best results, hold the spray six inches away from your skin and apply in gentle back-and-forth motions. Discover the power of our waterproof setting spray and enjoy long-lasting, flawless makeup that stays put.

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