Bioderma Atoderm Cream

Ultra-nourishing body cream that instantly quenches skin with a burst of hydration.
Product Benefits:
  • Provides immediate and lasting moisture
  • Instantly softens, leaving skin supple
Very good tolerance - Unfragranced - Non-comedogenic - Non-sticky - Fast-absorbing
The Skin Protect Complex™ contains vitamin PP and a combination of two sugars that contributes to recreate a healthy-looking skin barrier and helps maintain the skin's water reserves, thus making the skin comfortable again:
  • Vitamin PP helps improve the skin barrier, which enhances the skin's suppleness and restores its comfort durably.
  • The combination of sugars optimizes the skin's water reserves and facilitates hydric flow. This provides hydration for 24 hours*; to support this action, it targets the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, a highly hygroscopic molecule.
  • The presence of glycerine contributes to locking in moisture inside the skin.
  • The D.A.F™ patented natural complex contributes to increasing the skin’s tolerance threshold. 
How To Use:
  • Once or twice a day - 7 days a week
  • Apply to healthy skin. If skin dryness persists, consult a healthcare professional.
    • STEP 1: Apply Atoderm Cream on your skin after cleansing and gently drying.
    • STEP 2: Gently massage until fully absorbed.
Size: 6.7 fl.oz.

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