MyKitCo My Signature Synthetics Brush Set


15 Beautifully hand-crafted, super soft, synthetic makeup brushes designed by Makeup Artist James Molloy

MyKitCo. brings you their very first all-synthetic brush collection! Designed by makeup artist James Molloy and stunningly presented, each brush is handcrafted and expertly shaped to meet all levels of artistry. Their brand new synthetic fibers are second to none, allowing you to achieve the highest finish in makeup artistry every time. 

My Signature Synthetics Brush Set Includes:

  • My Curved Lip
  • My Angled Brows
  • My Angled Liner
  • My Soft Smudger
  • My Defined Crease
  • My Tapered Crease
  • My Mini Shadow
  • My Small Shadow
  • My Soft Highlighter
  • My Angled Highlighter
  • My Stippling Brush
  • My Domed Powder
  • My Angled Contour
  • My Precise Concealer
  • My Classic Foundation

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